In Kyiv, the Guardsmen conducted a training session for students of the capital’s schools - NGU

With the assistance of officers of the Department of Civil-Military Cooperation of the Image and Publishing Center of the National Guard of Ukraine, the servicemen of the Northern Alliance conducted lessons on radiation, chemical and biological protection for students of the secondary school of Darnytsky District, as well as a series of trainings on tactical medicine and first aid for high school students of one from the schools of the Solomyan district of the city of Kyiv.

Guardsmen chemists of the 27th Pechersk Brigade visually showed schoolchildren the operation of radiochemical intelligence and protection, told interesting facts about the liquidation of the consequences of the Chernobyl disaster, and also, at the request of the students, provided information about weapons of mass destruction.

“There were only two combat uses of nuclear weapons in the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. These cities were almost completely destroyed, including due to the fact that the Japanese architecture of that time provided for, say, not very strong buildings made of wood and paper, – the RHC defense specialist with the call sign Student told the students, – but at the same time, there is more than one case when people from these cities survived by using security measures and their wits. I am not talking about our modern cities, which are built as conveniently as possible in order to delay the blast wave. Therefore, listen carefully and always be guided by your knowledge.”

Military medics of the 25th brigade named after Prince Askold demonstrated to schoolchildren what the guards’ first aid kit consists of, practiced putting on tourniquets and bandages, worked out the algorithm of actions in providing first aid.

“The main task of these classes is to practice practical skills that will help them not to panic in a dangerous situation. Civilians with minimal knowledge can help the victim survive until medics arrive and provide qualified assistance,” said Daryna, a medic of the 25th Brigade.

We thank the audience for their activity and attentiveness in conducting the lesson, and our instructors for their useful knowledge.

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