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05 Сер 2019

National Guard on Street Patrol


The Ukrainian National Guard is patrolling Ukrainian city streets. Previously, it was exclusively the domain of the police, but now the National Guard is also stepping in Ukraine’s National Guard is performing police patrols.


Recently, in the 25th National Guards Brigade, senior officers could be heard delivering instructions to subordinates. Some of the soldiers had previously worked patrols with police. Others would take to the streets for the first time. Both conscripts and contract soldiers were present.


“I am very calm because we are trained well and we are told everything we need to know. We know the laws well. There’s no panic. We are all confident,” National Guard woman Iryna Boyko said.


Boyko has been serving in the National Guard for five months. Her gear includes a pistol, handcuffs, pepper spray, and a riot stick – everything needed to arrest lawbreakers. The commander said that force can only be used under the strict provisions of Ukrainian law.


“Special attention should be given to abiding the law and military discipline, as well as communication with citizens and use of force,” Commander of the National Guard 25th Brigade Vitalii Danko said.


For some soldiers, it was a special day. It was the first time they would go on patrol. After the briefings, they marched through the parade grounds and then departed to their patrol districts. Patrol routes are usually from 1 to 1.5 kilometers. Each patrol has access to the unified police database where they can get information on crimes and react accordingly.


“Our main goal is to prevent crime on our patrol routes. While working independently, the police force deals with their tasks, the patrol police have their own mission, and we perform our duties in patrol areas,” Danko said.


Kyiv will be patrolled by guardsmen from several regiments. The commander of the National Guard said that National Guard patrol missions are a widespread practice and it was time for Ukraine to adopt the practice.