Friday, 7 August, 2020 - 15:32



1. To protect the constitutional system of Ukraine and its territorial integrity from violent attempts to transform them.


2. To maintain public order and ensure protection of life, rights, freedoms and legitimate interests of citizens.


3. To contribute to the maintenance of public safety and public order during meetings, rallies, marches, demonstrations and other public events in case of risks to public health and safety.


4. To provide security guard support to public authorities.


5. To protect nuclear facilities, nuclear materials, nuclear waste and other sources of radioactive emission in public ownership, as well as critical infrastructure.


6. To protect special cargoes, the list of which shall be determined by Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.


7. To protect diplomatic missions and consulates of foreign countries, as well as representative offices of international organizations in Ukraine.


8. To participate in activities to cease armed conflicts and other acts of provocation at national borders, as well as activities to prevent massive crossing of national borders from neighbouring countries.


9. To participate in special operations to neutralize armed offenders, to stop activity of illegitimate paramilitary or armed gangs, organized groups and criminal organizations inside Ukraine, as well as measures related to counterterrorism activities.


10. To be involved in riot control efforts if there exists risk of violence against citizens.