Saturday, 19 September, 2020 - 14:44

Preventing corruption

The conscious attitude and adherence to anti-corruption law restrictions and prohibitions.
Military (civil) officials are obliged to obey the restrictions and prohibitions under the Law of Ukraine “On prevention of corruption” and:
• not to commit and participate in the commission of corruption offenses;
• refrain from behavior that could be interpreted as willingness to commit corruption offenses;
• immediately inform the authorized person for the prevention and detection of corruption in unit, as well as their commander about cases of incitement to commit a corruption offense related to official duties, or commission of corruption offenses related to other parties;
• immediately inform the commander (chief) and the authorized person for prevention and detection of corruption about uprising of real, potential conflict of interests;
• after informing authorized person about violation of the Law of Ukraine “On prevention of corruption” rely on state protection and fair treatment by the command.