Friday, 7 August, 2020 - 14:53


In 1991 with the Proclamation of Independence, the modern Ukrainian State needed a robust and professional military formation with policing functions capable of protecting the newly independent State against both external and internal threats. To this end the military formation with Law-enforcement functions with direct subordination to the President of Ukraine was created. On the 4th of November 1991 a bill was signed into the Law “On the National Guard of Ukraine”. During early years of its existence, the National Guard was directly involved in the Transnistira conflict during the spring and summer of the 1991, helping to defend the border against the spill-over of the conflict to the territory of Ukraine.


In 1999 following the ill-considered decision of the Ukrainian law-makers the National Guard of Ukraine was disbanded and merged into the Internal Troops and Armed Forces of Ukraine.


In 2014 following the annexation of Crimea and external intervention in the Eastern Ukraine, there was a pressing need to have a robust and versatile both military and law-enforcement security formation. In view of this, just in the wake of the conflict on the 13th of March 2014 the Parliament of Ukraine adopted a law “On the National Guard of Ukraine”. This law, however, was included the recommendations and best-practices of the western partners that were made within the implementation of the large-scale Twinning projects . And naming of the newly-formed security formation as “National Guard of Ukraine” was one of European recommendations.


This law foresees NGUs organizational structure, its mission, its jurisdiction and its subordination. The military formation with law-enforcement functions was given broader military capabilities and augmented with heavy weapons and armoured vehicles to better confront military aggression. This type of versatile formation with both military and police functions revealed itself to be the most suitable to deal with the hybrid threats.


The National Guard of Ukraine is a military formation with law enforcement functions. It is a part of the system of Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine and is designed to fulfil the tasks related to protection and safeguarding the life, rights, freedoms and legitimate interests of citizens, society and the state from criminal and other wrongful infringements, and also maintenance of public order and public security, as well as to ensure, in coordination with law enforcement agencies, the national security and protection of national borders, stopping terrorist activities and activities of illegitimate paramilitary or armed troops (groups), terrorist organizations, organized groups and criminal organizations.


The National Guard of Ukraine is a part of the system of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine. The Commander of the National Guard of Ukraine reports to the Minister of Internal Affairs. He is assigned by the President of Ukraine on the proposal of the Minister of Internal Affairs.