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31 Jul 2018

Ukrainian and US guardsmen celebrated the 25th anniversary of cooperation within the framework of the State Partnership Program


Monday, July 30, an official visit of the delegation of US National Guard and National Guard of California, headed by General Joseph L. Lengyel, Chief of the National Guard Bureau of the United States, to the Main Directorate of the National Guard of Ukraine took place in Kyiv.


It should be noted that this is the first official visit of the Chief of the National Guard Bureau in the history of independent Ukraine*.


At the beginning of the meeting Colonel-General Yurii Allerov said: "Our cooperation has been continuing for a long time and has good results. It is very important that California National Guard is very similar to NGU and has similar functions. Therefore, process of experience exchange is effective, especially in military and personnel training spheres. Command and control, cyber security, logistics, modern technologies usage, responding to natural and man-made disasters are the areas where we share experience to raise our professional level."


NGU commander thanked his colleagues for their comprehensive support and added that “Partnership for Peace” was one of the main slogans that united other countries’ cooperation programs with military formations of Ukraine. This year we celebrate the 25th anniversary of relationships with California National Guard**. This cooperation is broad and requires being frank, hardworking and persistent to achieve better results and use the experience and assistance in full."


Chief of National Guard Bureau, General Joseph Lengyel, emphasized that US National Guard was ready to expand cooperation with NGU and launch new projects.


As a part of visit to Ukraine, the delegation from California National Guard has already visited the NGU International Interagency Multidisciplinary Training Center. The Ukrainian guardsmen demonstrated thier equipment and weapons, acquainted their guests with the training center facilities and plans for future development.


For reference

* National Guard Bureau of the United States is federal body responsible for managing and coordinating the actions of National Guards across the United States. The Bureau has a unique status as agency that performs both operational and headquarters functions. Chief of National Guard Bureau of the United States is member of the United States Armed Forces Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee. In addition, he is military advisor to the President, Minister of Defense and US National Security Council on all matters relating to the National Guard.

** Within framework of State Partnership Program, the United States of America has been cooperating with Ukraine for 25 years. Since 2014, cooperation has deepened. During this time (since 2014), the National Guard of Ukraine and California have conducted 14 joint projects, 5 of which are educational ones. Recent were aimed at NGU officers training on MDMP process, informing and selecting candidates for military service, improving of  regulatory framework, etc.