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20 Jul 2019

The National Guard of Ukraine has agreed to launch a defense training course with the British Armed Forces


Representatives of the British training mission and the officers of the National Guard of Ukraine attended the meeting, during which they identified the main areas for the National Guards' training, among which will be the training of the instructors and medical training for personnel.


The training course is under the Operation ORBITAL, which was launched in February 2015 in response to a request from the Ukrainian government to provide guidance and training to the Ukrainian Armed Forces.


The NGU officers noted, that the knowledge and skills that the British Armed Forces have gained while participating in armed conflicts in the Middle East will be very useful for the National Guard.


Recall that the Operation #ORBITAL runs from 2015 as a part of cooperation between Ukraine and Great Britain. The main goal is to train the Ukrainian military to conduct combat operations in various conditions, to bring the Ukrainian army in line with NATO standards, to assist in developing the Ukrainian military's capabilities.


NGU press service