Friday, 14 August, 2020 - 19:31
01 Aug 2019

National Guard of Ukraine, California could conduct joint exercises in training center in Kyiv region

The California National Guard delegation headed by Major General David S. Baldwin has visited the training center of the National Guard of Ukraine near Kyiv.


It’s been noted that the center's capacities had boosted in the past years, as well as its material base and infrastructure.


Baldwin said that each time he comes to Ukraine he sees significant strides and developments. The personnel of the National Guard of Ukraine have high motivation and professional level.


“In the nearest future the California National Guard would consider the possibility of its units to joint exercises on the basis of this Ukrainian training center,” said Baldwin after the meeting with the Commander of the National Guard of Ukraine Lieutenant General Mykola Balan last Friday.


In his turn Balan said, that the U.S. experience had been used to create the training center and to develop the National Guard’s organizational structure.


"Today, the NGU has already implemented an individual training system for personnel and instructors. Since the beginning of 2019, on the basis of the “Stare” training center, we began collective training of units led by instructors of the National Guard," he said.


According to Balan, on the basis of the International Interdepartmental Center in Kyiv region there is the possibility of conducting joint international exercises for the military personnel of both guards in 2020.


NGU press service