Friday, 14 August, 2020 - 20:34
16 Aug 2018

National Guard confirmed its readiness to effectively counteract all sorts of criminals, terrorists, saboteurs, NSDC secretary says


As reported by Censor.NET citing the NSDC press service, Turchynov said the National Guard reliably protects the country not only in its eastern region as part of the Joint Forces, "but also reliably defends peace and tranquility of people in all Ukraine’s regions, professionally counters internal enemies, criminals, terrorists, and saboteurs."


"It would be no exaggeration to say that our National Guard is born of revolution - the Revolution of Dignity. It was those overwhelming days of March 2014 when our Guard was created and many volunteers went to protect the country straight from the Maidan. The guardsmen were among the first to fight and stop the advance of the Russian aggressor in the east," Turchynov said adding that by means of hybrid warfare, having no possibility to break through Ukraine’s defenses militarily, the enemy tries to involve its agents, traitors and hired provocateurs to destabilize the situation in the country by spreading despair, panic, and wreaking havoc.


The NSDC secretary stressed that the National Guard adamantly opposes these provocative activities.


"The guardsmen now have advanced equipment, impact munitions and weapons, and most importantly a strong skills base necessary to stop all sorts of criminals, effectively counteract any attempts to destabilize the situation from within," he said. The official also noted that all of this had been demonstrated today during the exercise.


According to Turchynov, all the specialized equipment used by the National Guard was certified and utilized by the NATO forces.


The NSDC secretary also stressed that it was particularly important to ensure public order, reliable protection of the Ukrainian people and close the doors to any destructive manifestations during forthcoming presidential and parliamentary elections.


"Any attempt to disrupt, unlawfully influence or interfere with the fair, transparent, democratic elections in Ukraine should be severely suppressed and punished. Our state can guarantee and ensure free choice for the voters!" he said.


In summary, Turchynov said that the success is guaranteed by the professional work of the security forces, "advanced training of the members of the National Guard of Ukraine, their courage, resilience and selfless dedication to their country."