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30 Jun 2018

International exercise Carpathians Blueshield 2018 finished


On Thursday, the Head of the Romanian Gendarmerie Sebastian Cucos offered diplomas and plaques to the participants for proven professionalism, in a military ceremony at the Ochiuri gendarmerie training center.


The comprehensive exercise Carpathians Blueshield 2018 took place within the framework of the EUPST II - Training of Police Services in the European Union.


Participating in the exercise were more than 300 officers and non-commissioned officers from 13 countries (Romania, Bulgaria, Cyprus, France, Italy, Republic of Moldova, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, Ukraine, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland) and 4 international bodies (European Union, CEPOL, European Gendarmerie Force and Eucap Sahel Niger) as well as representatives from all structures with responsibilities in the field of security and public order in Romania.


19 servicemen from Ukrainian National Guard participated as a separate platoon was included to the company from Poland.


The exercises were intensive and dynamic. The aim of the EUPST II program is to bring common tactical standards and international law enforcement practices of crisis management.


Based on scenarios tailored to real events in various regions of the world where peacekeeping missions are being carried out under the aegis of the EU, a special focus has been put on ensuring the cohesion of participants from different structures for the efficient management of their joint missions, informs the quoted source.

The training session ended with a complex combined exercise, with the involvement of all multinational forces, which, according to the scenario, contributed in securing and restoring public order, followed the emergence of unforeseen situations of serious violations of law and safety.


The participants appreciated the usefulness of the training. And the exercise has fulfilled its main objectives, including:


- Understanding and applying a global approach to international crisis management operations;


- Promoting mutual understanding, trust, cooperation and interoperability between all forces, organizations, offices and staff involved and affected;

- Developing skills related to TMMA specific activities (training, mentoring, monitoring, advising);

- Developing the necessary skills during TTPs (techniques, tactics, procedures) in the field of police work;

- Respect of international human rights and humanitarian law, etc.


The EUPST is a project funded by the European Union that aims at jointly training police and gendarmerie forces before being sent to international missions in order to improve and standardize the work procedures and to learn and enforce international law provisions, especially in terms of human rights and equal opportunities.


Deputy Commander of the National Guard of Ukraine, Major-General Valerii Bondar attended the closing ceremony. He also visited the training center of the gendarmerie units of Romania in the city of Ochuri.


Ruslan Muzychuk,

NGU Press service