Friday, 30 October, 2020 - 15:18
29 Jun 2018

Experience exchange and assistance in International Center development –agreed to continue cooperation in National Guard of California Joint Staff



During visit of Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine delegation to the United States, commander of the National Guard of Ukraine, Colonel-General Yuriі Allerov took part in a meeting held at the General Staff of the Joint Forces, California National Guard.


The Ukrainian side got acquainted with the structure of California National Guard, its main tasks, as well as the procedure under which interagency interaction was established in responding to emergencies.


It was stressed that the Californiancounterpart’s critical function was to fulfill tasks to the benefits of the civilian population, especially during the emergency response.


The participants of the meeting discussed the issues of further cooperation on experience exchange in building interagency cooperation in responding to emergency situations of natural and man-made nature.


In addition, there have been made arrangements on cooperation in development of International Interagency Multidisciplinary Center for Units Training (Stare) and on conducting of joint activities in order to achieve interoperability in peacekeeping and security missions.


It should be recalled that during visit to the United States, Commander of the National Guard of Ukraine took part in the second UN Summit with the participation of heads of police departments (COPS-2018), visited the Camp Roberts training center, met with United States Special Representative for Ukraine Negotiations Kurt Volker, US congressmen of California Adam Schiff and Duncan Hunter, as well as with Vice Chief of the National Guard Bureau, Lieutenant-General Daniel Hakanson.