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25 Oct 2019

"Deliberate attempt to discredit the NGU unit." Arsen Avakov responded to an attempt to qualify “AZOV” special forces unit as a terrorist organization

"Interior Minister of Ukraine Arsen Avakov believes that the attempt to discredit the “Azov” special forces unit of the National Guard is a result of its significant efforts to defend the territorial integrity of Ukraine.


He made a corresponding statement at a meeting with the head of the US mission Christin Quinn, commenting on the official position of Ukraine regarding the “information campaign to discredit” the Azov unit.


“A shameful information campaign about the so-called spreading of Nazi ideology among the personnel of this special forces unit of military unit 3057 of the Eastern Operational Territorial Command of the National Guard of Ukraine is a deliberate attempt to discredit it, primarily in the perception of Ukraine’s international partners, to provoke crisis in relations with our allies, to weaken the position of our state in the world,” Avakov said.


He also stressed that “Azov” is a legitimate regular unit of the National Guard of Ukraine, and its personnel diligently performs military-combat missions to protect the country.


“The combat effectiveness of the “Azov” special forces in protecting the state from military aggression is the true reason for trying to stop it with another, hybrid, method,” he said.


Avakov also expressed hope that “the honest and open position of Ukraine and the facts cited will be taken into account by partners and friends in the struggle to defend democracy.”


NGU press-service