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According to the functions, the NGU is composed of:


1. Operational units (on a very short notice can be deployed across the whole territory of Ukraine to perform all range of missions alongside the Armed forces of Ukraine, National Police of Ukraine, State Border Guard Service of Ukraine and State Emergency Service of Ukraine);


2 . Public order protection units (safeguard the life and property of people and perform riot control measures during disturbances);

3. Convoy units (escorting of the suspected or convinced criminals to the judicial authorities);

4. Special purpose units (responds to and resolves high-risk incidents, including terrorist incidents);

5. Key infrastructure protection units (provides security guard to the key governmental institution and key infrastructure);

6. Embassies and consular institutions protection units (protection of diplomatic missions and consulates of foreign countries in Ukraine);

7. NGU aviation units;

8. Sustainment units of the National Guard of Ukraine.



The National Guard of Ukraine pays utmost attention to the qualified and pertinent training of the personnel and its career-long professional development. Taking into consideration the fact that the National Guard of Ukraine is military formation with law-enforcement functions, the training covers both military and law-enforcement expertise and ensures that NGU members meet the applicable occupational requirements (public order, special operations etc).


Currently, the system of professional training undergoes significant transformation and reforming. And this transformation is going under the guidance of our international partners.


Military Education and Training Institutions


National Academy of the National Guard of Ukraine (Kharkiv)


Provides initial and advanced training to the officers of the National Guard of Ukraine. Training curriculum is tailored to meet the operational requirements of the National Guard of Ukraine and includes first-hand experience and lessons-learnt while performing assigned missions in the Anti-Terrorist Operation .


National Academy of the National Guard of Ukraine provides the following training: bachelor’s degree (initial training of the officer) – 4 years-long training, master’s degree – 5.5 years-long training, advanced officers training course – 2 years-long training for senior officers OF3-OF5).


International Inter-Agency Multifunctional Training Centre (Stare)


Created in 2017, the Training Centre provides tailored, mission-specific training to the units of the National Guard of Ukraine that perform all range of missions assigned to the NGU or planned to take part in the peacekeeping operations as Individual Police Officer (IPOs) or as member of the NGU Formed Police Unit (FPU). Training Centre has an extended pool of qualified instructors with the wealth of operational and international experience.


Training centre strives to provide individual and collective training to other structures of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine (the National Police, the State Border Guard Service and the Emergency Service) as well as for international partners.


Non-commissioned officers training centre (Zolochiv)


Provides training to the NCOs of the National Guard of Ukraine depending on their position and occupational qualification. There are several courses that training centre runs: Basic training course, Basic Leadership Course (squad leader), Intermediate Leadership Course (platoon sergeant), Advanced Leadership Course (Company sergeant), K-9 handler course, military engineering course, tactical medicine operator course).