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20 Чер 2019

The cooperation between OpUNIFIER and the NGU has significant results


The comprehensive partnership between the National Guard of Ukraine and the Canadian Joint Task Force in Ukraine (Operation UNIFIER) started with the signing of a Technical Agreement on 18 of May 2018. Since that moment, Op UNIFIER and the NGU have seen a large number of achievements through a strong foundation of mutual support.


Almost immediately after this agreement, OpUNIFIER and the NGU came together to develop and deliver NATO-oriented leadership courses in order to rapidly train NGU mobile training teams and key battalion staff personnel.


Significant work has also been accomplished in the reformation of the NGU’s training system. The development of intensive and modern Basic Training and Basic Leadership courses using a combination of Ukrainian experience and Canadian expertise represents a significant step toward the implementation of a systematic approach to NCO training and recognition of the importance of the sergeant’s corps within a military formation.


The cooperation between OpUNIFIER and the NGU has not been limited only to the Individual Training and Education of NCOs. There have been examples of successful collaboration in the areas of engineer and sapper training, chaplaincy development, NATO-oriented leadership courses, CIMIC, strategic communications and support to gender integration.


Language development is one of the surest ways to increased coordination with NATO partner nations. Through the Canadian Directorate of Military Training and Cooperation, NGU representativeshave undergone and continue to undergo both English and French language training in Canada and use their skills in service of their daily tasks, in support of international cooperation and as teachers to future leaders.


With the embedding of a permanent Canadian Advisor within the Main HQ in Kyiv, the NGU has been able to receive reliable support and liaison to ensure coordination across all lines of effort and an increased ability to identify new areas for collaboration. Likewise, the consistent presence of Canadian NCOs in the NCO Academy in Zolochiv ensures the development of a strong NCO Corps in line with the best practices of not only the Canadian Armed Forces but of NATO partner nations in general. While support to the reformation of the NGU’s NCO Corps will remain a priority, Op UNIFIER is increasingly looking to support areas of collective training. The decision to embed an Officer and NCOs in the International Training Center in Stare allows the NGU toreview and adapt the current system of collective training under the mentorship of experienced partners. 



Moreover, representatives of Op UNIFIER continuallyjoin NATO-Ukraine Professional Development Program initiatives focused on providing cutting-edge skills to serving officers and cadets at the National Academy in Kharkiv. This support confirms interest in a comprehensive and holistic approach to NGU development.   


Last month it has been exactly one year since the Technical Agreement was signed between the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, the Department of National Defense of Canada and the Canadian Armed Forces and it is clear that the joint work has paid dividends to everyone involved. What is noteworthy today is how much has already been achieved. However, there remain many other avenues for our partnership to grow, to deepen and, as always, a great deal left to do.