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Strengthening of the military personnel potential


Working on the fulfilment of state missions assigned to the National Guard of Ukraine, during 2017 work on introducing advanced systems and approaches to selecting, studying and placing the personnel, providing proper level and quality of their manning, minimizing staff turnover and planning prospects for career development and professional training was organized by the personnel units of the National Guard of Ukraine.


Improvement of personnel policy, personnel management, as well as strengthening of the personnel potential of the National Guard of Ukraine was carried as follows:


introduction of new forms and methods of contract servicemen manning;


reform of the system of reserve duty service with a gradual increase of the number of reserve officers;



  • development of highly professional personnel of sergeants and sergeants majors;
  • gradual reduction of the ratio of the conscription number to the servicemen on a contract basis;
  • improvment of the experts training system for soldiers, sergeants and senior officers on the basis of training centers of the National Guard of Ukraine;
  • establishment of cooperation with the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine regarding the formation of a state order for the training of experts among the officers for the needs of the National Guard of Ukraine;
  • improvment of the regulatory framework on the issues of military service.



Strengthening of the personnel potential of the National Guard of Ukraine is facilitated by well coordinated work and functioning of the officer development training system conducted on the basis

of the National Academy of the National Guard of Ukraine.





The National Guard of Ukraine is currently developing an NCO corps, recruitment on a contract basis, training, using forces and means, as well as deploying new units and increasing the number of existing ones.


Working on the tasks assigned to the National Guard of Ukraine during 2017, in terms of reforms and transition to a professional basis, the Main Headquarters of the National Guard implemented new approaches to selecting military personnel, providing a proper level of army manning, solving the problems of manning NCO vacancies.


Since September 2017, regional recruitment sections within the Image and Publishing Center of the National Guard of Ukraine were manned, thus enabling fulfillment of the missions assigned to the National Guard and improving the situation with manning of the National Guard of Ukraine with contract servicemen.





The activities on manning the National Guard of Ukraine units were performed in accordance with the Decree of the President of Ukraine No. 44 “On the military discharge from the Armed Forces, terms of conscription and regular call ups of Ukrainian citizens for compulsory military service in 2017” as of January 24, 2017.


In 2017, the National Guard moved to a three-stage recruitment system to enrol conscripts for the regular military service. The activities on selecting conscripts for the military service in 2017 were conducted in three stages: the spring, the summer and the autumn. For comparison, similar events in 2016 were held only in the spring and the autumn.


As a result of hard work, about 9 thousand citizens were called up to the ranks of the National Guard of Ukraine in 2017.





Throughout 2017, the second stage of forming the reserve units of the National Guard of Ukraine was held.


Manning reserve officers who signed a contract for the service in the reserve with their units commanders voluntarily in the units mentioned before is determined as a top priority.


Due to the work carried out, about 1,000 citizens signed a contract with the commanders of military units for serving in the military reserve.


During the last year a number of activities were organized in order to relocate and redistribute the military operational reserves of the first stage between the units for manning the units of the military reserve on a territorial basis. The involvement of military operational reserve of the first stage was organized for the service on a contract basis and service in the military reserve of the National Guard of Ukraine.


The purpose of these activities was to involve the trained servicemen who had taken direct part in the military operations in the military service, to preserve the accumulated combat capability of the units, to retain the number of highly trained experts (tankmen, gunners, air defence specialists, etc.) as well as to create effective human resources reserves.