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20 Jan 2016

National Guard medics undertake intensive training according to international standards

Commencing on 16th January, at a Kyiv based hospital facilitated by the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA), “Patriot Defence” is conducting an intensive training course “Ukrainian Trauma Life Support”.


Some 24 participants are taking the course, including doctors, medical assistants, and Heads of Medical Services of the MIA and its National Guard.


All the instructors for the course comprise of British, American and Ukrainian specialists, each qualified as either military medics or paramedics with many years of service in either the British or American armed forces.


They are currently engaged as paramedics in leading European companies. The training course is based on current approaches to the treatment of trauma.


The program incorporates a one-day training course as a combat medic, and is followed by a five-day intensive program of seminars, practical training, and real-to-life simulations. The course has been designed to enhance the qualifications and skills of these professionals, essential for working with trauma cases. The program provides a strong knowledge base, improves practical skills focusing on effective communication and leadership skills.


The purpose of the course is to improve productivity and the quality of medical assistance in high-risk situations.