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24 Oct 2018

Association FIEP is an effective basis for strengthening security and stability in the world – Yurii Allerov


The Commander of National Guard of Ukraine, Colonel-General Yurii Allerov, emphasized this during his speech at the Summit of Directors and Commanders of the International Association of Gendarmeries and Police forces with military status (FIEP), which took place in Antalya (Turkey) on October 23.


“Global international processes stipulate the extension of cooperation borders. And FIEP itself serves as a very good platform for cooperation and exchange between related structures. Basis of this cooperation is the development of recommendations, effective approaches and practices for timely and effective response to current challenges and threats not only to national security in each individual country, but also to strengthen the world‛s security architecture and stability.”, - he said.


The NGU Commander underlined the importance of the Association's main topic for 2019 “The Gendarmerie (Guard) units in stabilization peacekeeping and security operations (stability policing)” taking into account worldwide conflicts. He noted that “gendarmerie” like units are the most capable to carry out effectively such missions in peacetime, during the crisis period, and during the war, not requiring a lot of time when moving from one state to another.


Yuriy Allerov highlighted that today the Association FIEP is undergoing an extremely important process of reforming its structure and functional architecture, which are designed to significantly improve the effectiveness of its activities and increase its credibility on the international arena.


Thereafter, the Commander congratulated National Gendarmerie of Djibouti as full member of the Association, National Guard of Kuwait and National Guard of Senegal as observers.


Within the framework of the visit, the NGU delegation visited an exhibition of equipment and weapons of security forces of Turkey. There were presented advanced developments of Turkish and world manufacturers of defense products (weapons samples, military and special equipment, uniforms, protective and active defense equipment, optical devices, special public order equipment, various UAVs, anti-aircraft guns, etc.).


Furthermore, the NGU Commander held bilateral meetings with heads of similar law enforcement institutions of European countries. In particular, he agreed with the Commanders of Turkish Gendarmerie, Italian Carabinieri and Romanian Gendarmerie on expanding cooperation in the field of training of special, public order protection and mountain patrol units, as well as cooperation between educational institutions and centers. In addition, cooperation between National Guard of Ukraine and Royal Marechaussee of the Netherlands, National Guard of Portugal and National Guard of Kuwait was initiated.


Reference: FIEP – International Association of Gendarmeries and Police forces with military status. Today, FIEP includes Gendarmerie and Police forces institutions of France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Turkey, the Netherlands, Morocco, Romania, Jordan, Tunisia, Palestine and Ukraine. Also, law enforcement institution of Argentina, Chile, Qatar and Brazil that do not meet the geographical requirements are associate members. The National Gendarmerie of Djibouti has a temporary observer status.


National Guard of Ukraine became a full member of the Association FIEP in October 2017.


What gives membership in the Association? 


- increased support by foreign partners to National Guard of Ukraine reforming process and bringing its activities to the norms and standards of similar formations of the Association;

- enables to intensify cooperation with colleagues around the world, develop and strengthen international relations with the member countries and partners of FIEP;

- provides advanced opportunities for experience exchange in areas of common interest for Association members as well as participating in events to discuss common challenges and threats to national and international security;

- opportunity for other FIEP members to gain NGU experience on conducting military and combat tasks during the crisis period, particularly on issues of internal conflict resolution and threat response (including «hybrid war»);

- opportunity to introduce innovations and new technologies in the field of security


What changes have already occurred in National Guard of Ukraine during the year of being in the Association?


Due to close cooperation between National Guard of Ukraine and related structures within the Association, over the last year the intensity of international contacts of the NGU with foreign partners has increased.


During this year events, issues related to the prevention of terrorist attacks in places of mass gathering of people were discussed. Within its competence, the organization sees terrorism as main global problem in all its manifestations. And topic of fighting against terrorism was chosen as cooperation subject for all activities within Association framework during 2018. On this occasion, in February 2018, terroristic acts prevention working group was created on the basis of General Directorate of the French Gendarmerie in order to stimulate experience exchange and establish closer cooperation of experts in this area. 


In the mid-June, officer of the French Gendarmerie Lieutenant-Colonel David Druo – chief of the joint coordination unit for employment of special units payed a visit to the National Guard of Ukraine. This visit was intended to give an insight into the employment of special purpose units in antiterrorism operations and to provide the latest experience in preventing and combating the terrorism. The event that lasted for five days involved a vast pool of subject-matter experts not only from the National Guard of Ukraine but also form other security and defense institutions, such as the Ukrainian National Police, the Security Service of Ukraine and Special Operation Forces of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine. At the end of the visit the French expert provided his Ukrainian counterparts with necessary recommendations and stressed on the importance of implementing the catalogue of capabilities for special operations servicemen. According to the French officer this catalogue will enable proper evaluation of each special operations servicemen’s capabilities as well as the capabilities of special operation units for specific missions and also will help to develop the plans for individual and collective training.


Currently, the process of developing the list of mandatory requirements (catalogue of capabilities) for NGU special purpose units is underway. The final catalogue will include pieced together best practices and experience obtained in the course of cooperation with other partner institutions as well as combat experience of the NGU units.


Within the project subject-matter experts of National Guard of Ukraine took part as observers in anti-terrorism exercises that were held in Italy, Turkey and France.


On top of that, cooperation project to share the best practices and approaches among its member academies in the field of military training and educations was initiated this year and foresees exchanges of the trainers, cadets and professors among relative educational institutions. 


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