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26 Oct 2018

Around 300 school children have been on a field trip to the NGU base dislocated in Lviv (VIDEO)


In Lviv, around 300 pupils from 10 schools visited the National Guard military base 4114 on the open door day. There, they met Ukrainian soldiers and had a chance to learn more about the latest military equipment in the NGU arsenal.


«I don’t know how things will pan out. But I would like to enter the Academy of Land Forces and to defend Ukraine», – said Vitaliy Chaban, a 10th grader. According to his words, he always wanted to be a military. Russian aggression in East Ukraine only added to his determination.


«Here the kids get to learn about the equipment and armament. Perhaps many of them will have future in the Army or the National Guard of Ukraine», – explained Oleh Kits, teacher of the Lviv Lyceum №93.


As Yaroslav Lemeshchuk, deputy commander of the NGU military base 4114, mentioned, some of the equipment and machinery on display were involved in combat actions in Donetsk and Luhansk regions.


He also added: «Pupils should see something we are proud off. And we not only show them the weapons, we gave them the chance to meet the soldiers. They were very impressed of what they saw. They were thrilled and it was great to see».


The National Guard has begun to organize open days like this four years ago and is set to hold them more often in the future.


NGU press-service