Tuesday, 20 February, 2018 - 15:38
20 February 2018
The NGU international cooperation department chief colonel Volodymyr Grabchak along with lieutenant-colonel Andrii Tupikov participated in the second commission meeting devoted to “Prevention of Terrorist Attacks in Public Spaces”, held at the French National Gendarmerie premis
23 January 2018
  Separate Mountain Patrol Company personnel arrived to Chernivtsi Border Squad.
23 December 2017
Lightweight but fast and multi-purpose.
02 December 2017
Representatives of the National Guard of California, led by Commander Major-General David Baldwin, came to the National Academy of the National Guard of Ukraine.  
26 October 2017
  The National Guard of Ukraine introduces modern European tactics for the public order protection - Major-General Valerii Bondar  
22 September 2017
On September 21 at the Main Department of the National Guard of Ukraine representatives of the NATO Liaison Office in Ukraine discussed the current state and prospects of cooperation with the NATO Office in Ukraine.